Windows Live Essentials 2011 v15.4.3502.922

Size: 110 Mb
md5: 53B5BDA19AE9BA75DBE8D8110B488FF2
Description: i’m glad to share with you Windows Live Essentials 2011 Svcpack AddOn ; it is compatible with Windows 7 and Vista x86 e x64.
For integrating this addon in Windows 7 images you need OnePiece DXIntegrator
Warning: this addon needs some prerequisites:

    Windows6.0-KB959175-x64 for Vista x64
    Windows6.0-KB959175-x86 for Vista x86
    Windows6.1-KB2120976-x64 for Seven x64
    Windows6.1-KB2120976-x86 for Seven x86
    Windows6.1-KB2300535-x64 for Seven x64
    Windows6.1-KB2300535-x86 for Seven x86

To obtain the hotfix in question we can follow two procedures:
First procedure:

    You must download the Live Essentials 2011 full and have the latest version of the
    Later we must save in cmd format the following lines kindly provided by OnePiece:

    @echo on
    IF /I EXIST "%ProgramFiles(x86)%7-Zip7z.exe" SET ZEXE="%ProgramFiles(x86)%7-Zip7z.exe"
    IF /I EXIST "%programfiles%7-Zip7z.exe" SET ZEXE="%ProgramFiles%7-Zip7z.exe"
    IF /I EXIST "%~dp17z.exe" IF /I EXIST "%~dp17z.dll"  SET ZEXE="%~dp17z.exe"
    CD /D "%~dp1"
    %ZEXE% x -o"TEMP" -y "%~1"
    %ZEXE% x -o"TEMP1" -y "TEMP.rsrcPACKAGE*"
    %ZEXE% x -o"TEMP2" -y "TEMP1*"
    %ZEXE% x -o"TEMP3" -y "TEMP2*"
    MOVE /Y "TEMP3*.msu"
    RD /S /Q TEMP

    At the end drag&drop the “wlsetup-all.exe” onto the file just created.

Second procedure:

Warning: this addon is beta version get out the beta only when we get positive feedback

Components included:

    Messenger modified with Apatch 1.43 build10
    Photo Gallery
    Movie Maker
    Family Safety
    Windows Live Mesh
    Messenger Companion

Components excluded:

    Bing Bar
    Outlook Connector Pack
    Microsoft Silverlight

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